Although many people get them confused, a product manager is different from a product marketer. In smaller organizations, one person may be tasked with both roles, but it can be difficult to cover the entire spectrum of product management/product marketing activities alone.


Product Management vs. Product Marketing

Think about it this way – a product manager works as the intermediary between customers’ requirements and the development team. A good product manager translates customers’ business needs into the features and functionality that the developers will code. Ultimately, the product manager gets that product “on the shelf” and ready to be sold.

A product marketer picks up the baton and is responsible for getting the product “off the shelf” and into the market. This involves clearly stating how the product and its features will help buyers solve their business problems, enabling the sales team to promote that message, and creating product-related collateral.

Product Marketing Offerings

If your team needs help with a product launch, I can assist with activities on the product marketing and project management side, such as:

  • Defining and refining key messages for the product/service and its target audiences
  • Creating sales enablement tools, such as selling guides, FAQs, and training presentations
  • Creating customer-facing materials, such as product briefs, What’s New documents, and slide decks
  • Providing launch planning and project management assistance across a cross-functional launch team

I’ll work hand-in-hand with your product manager to make sure the product is ready for its release.