There’s nothing worse than writing a fabulous brochure, white paper, or proposal and then later finding a grammatical error or typo after it’s been printed or submitted. Attention to detail in a proposal is critical, since any flaw immediately reflects on the quality of service you’ll provide.

It’s always a good idea to bring a “fresh set of eyes” to any important written piece for proofreading and editing. I provide fast turnaround for important documents, and will track changes as I go. You’ll always have the opportunity to accept or reject the changes I propose.

I can also assemble a library of proposal boilerplate that’s professionally written and can be re-used by the sales team. This type of resource ensures that embarrassing errors, like leaving the name of a different prospect in the text, are avoided.

Finally, your brand will be meticulously applied to every piece, according to your brand manual, style guide or templates. The end result will be a carefully edited document that conforms to the details of your brand.